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Nteme Primary School


A Meal A Day

for education in Tanzania

(with fantastic support from all over the world)

pupils supported

(for better learning and more fun in class)

school desks donated

(one entire Primary School is now equipped)

Support us to support the children.


Our efforts are centred around providing opportunities to children in Tanzania to attend school. However, we can only achieve this together. Become a part of our family at Pencils for Hope and help pave the way to a better life for these children.     Donate now

About our non profit organisation
We are supporting children in Tanzania to find their way to a better life.

Education is the main requirement to escape poverty, and the key to both a child’s personal development as well as the social and economical development of an entire country. Poverty is a major reason preventing many children from attending school. Children coming from a poor background often are obliged to help at home or in the family fields in order to secure the survival of the families. Parents barely are able to afford school uniforms and learning materials. Enabling children to attend school is the first step towards a brighter future. Educational quality remains to be a serious challenge. Due to the shortage of qualified teachers in many regions throughout Africa, classes with up to 200 children are not unusual, especially in more rural areas. Bad equipped class rooms and missing school supplies do have a negative impact on the quality of teaching. Pencils For Hope e.V. aims to enable children in Tanzania to attend school. Furthermore, we support the schools in order to create a proper and attractive learning environment for the pupils...  More


Share Pencils for Hope’s story with your friends and family. A growing number of supporters will achieve growing support for the children.


Support us with a one off donation or through ongoing monthly donations. Any value of your donation is welcome, every penny helps!


Whether it is donating money, your efforts or simply time to share this project’s story – please help in any way you can.

Pure and simple.

You would like to become active but your time is limited? Support us with a one off donation or through ongoing monthly direct debit. We have great ambitions for the children and therefore invest your money thoughtfully and responsibly. We set clear goals and deliver real opportunities as part of our projects. We personally document and verify continuously the successes of our projects.

Helping is child’s play. Join in and support our cause.

The children in Tanzania are eager to knowledge and your support here will go a long way. Join in and be part of the Pencils For Hope family. Together we will be able to offer more children access to education and a chance for a better future.