Pencils For Hope e.V.
A non profit organization to helping children in Tanzania


It all started with a trip to Tanzania and realising that education still is a privilege for many children. Seeing the enthusiasm and eagerness of the kids to attend school and to realise that every support will go a long way has inspired us to become active and support these children. Since the beginnings in 2015, we have found more and more people from all over the world to support our cause. Thus, what started with a few bags of school supplies that we personally handed over, has turned into regular contributions from many different people, schools and other institutions, enabling us to realise also large-scaled projects like building a new school and supplying an entire village with clean drinking water. 

What sets us ahead of other such organisations? One of our main objectives is the network we established with different people in Tanzania, amongst them two of our members who now are living there, which allows us to monitor and verify continuously the success of our projects. Also, our supporters are able to choose for themselves what their donation should be invested in. Our work is delivered on a voluntary basis and we guarantee that all your donations are invested 100 %.

The Team

Barbara Coccia

Chairwoman and Marketing

“After we have visited the primary school in Katumbi for the first time I felt the responsibility to support these children towards a better life. That is the purpose of Pencils For Hope. With all the projects we realised so far we already see a positive result. In 2015 there were 800 pupils, today we already count more than 1200. There is still a lot of work ahead of us, but thanks to the incredible support coming from all over the world we really can make a difference for the children.”

Fabio Coccia

Chairman and Head of Administration

“Being an ambassador for Pencils For Hope and gaining the support of many other people truly inspires me. These amazing children are full of hope and curiosity. To attend school means everything to them! I would like to assume the responsibility to help them to a better future.“


Ina Boehlkau

Event organization

“Children in Tanzania are mostly born into a chanceless world and I would like to give them the opportunity to influence their own destiny. I am convinced that health care and education are essential requirements to improve the children’s situation. For this reason, I am supporting Pencils For Hope with a lot of enthusiasm and energy.”


Kai Boehlkau


“Get out of anonymity, move something instead of just talking about it. That’s why I’m a founding member of Pencils For Hope.”


Marco Coccia


Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, said: one child, one teacher, one book & one pen can change the world. Taken for granted for most of us, education is a privilege to many children. I want to change this.”


Marija und Josip Soldo


“Which medical treatment do we claim for our children? Which kindergarten and school provides the best education? Which is the best diet for my child? In Germany, we are privileged to think about these questions…. Where do I get food and pure drinking water for my children? How can I afford a school uniform? Hopefully nobody gets sick, I don’t have the money for medical treatment… These are questions parents in Tanzania are confronted with. We recognized the importance of thinking ahead and taking over responsibility for children in Tanzania.  Small actions speak louder than big words. What do you think?”

Jürgen Klingler

Administration and IT

“Driven by the emotional moment of meeting young Poloko, who has been raised in an orphanage in South Africa and had an uncertain future, I started to change my life. I was also adopted and had the chance to grow up in the best surrounding with all opportunities for a bright future… Pencils For Hope offers me the chance to give something back: 100% to where it is most needed.”

Ufuk Tatar

Fundraising and Administration

“It feels good to help the children in Katumbi. 100% of all donations are invested to improve the situation of the village’s residents and pupils. This is one important reason that convinced me to become part of Pencils For Hope.”

Lena Engel


Education enables a good and self-fulfilled life. I would like to offer the children in West Tanzania this opportunity for a positive future. That’s the reason why I am part of Pencils for Hope. It is a pleasure to collect donations and together with friends organize help that reaches directly 100%.

Kurt Engel


When I was in Tanzania in 2014, I didn’t expect that my colleague Fabio had this idea about Pencils for Hope some weeks later. Since then, I am thrilled to be a member. With Pencils for Hope we create the opportunity to help honestly and directly the people in need. Therefore, I join in proudly.