Our charity projects for Katumbi Village

Our first projects support the Katumbi Village in the Kigoma Region, West Tanzania. It is a remote area just outside the Mahale Mountains National Park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, where people mainly rely on agriculture and some fishery. Education is a privilege and sources of income are limited. Katumbi officially became a village only in 2008, therefore the infrastructure still is poor. Both the primary school and dispensary are poorly equipped and in urgent need of support.

You will find a summary of all our projects supporting Katumbi Village here.


Clean drinking water

There is no drinking water in Katumbi and during the day some of the pupils need to walk down to the lake to fetch some buckets of water for their fellow students. Read more


School desks

With the donation of 185 school desks the Katumbi Primary School is now completely refurbished. For the new Primary School in Nteme we ordered 90 desks to equip the first two classrooms. Read more


Katumbi Clinic

In the village there is a small dispensary. Nurse Elizabeth and her three assistants are taking care of the approximately 5000 villagers with the limited means they have. Read more


School books

There is a constant need of school books for the 1218 pupils that attend the Katumbi Primary School. Read more


School uniforms

School uniforms are compulsory in Tanzania. Many families are unable to afford school uniforms for their children who then are denied the opportunity of an education. Read more


Zuberi dreams about becoming a doctor and help his fellow countrymen. He finished Katumbi Primary School as one of the best students and then attented Bungwa Secondary School. Read more


Nteme Primary School

We plan to build a Primary School in Nteme, one of the four village districts as the current Primary School doesn’t have capacities for all the pupils. Read more


A Meal A Day

We are providing a kindergarten with one meal a day for the pupils. Frequent nutrition is important in a child’s early development and for many children this is the most important meal. Read more

PFH_Computer Lab

Computer Lab

Knowing how to use a computer is important to be able to keep up with the world of technology. The pupils of the Katumbi Primary School are now getting computer lessons. Read more