Our charity projects for Katumbi Village

Our first projects support the Katumbi Village in the Kigoma Region, West Tanzania. It is a remote area just outside the Mahale Mountains National Park on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, so remote that its people are often forgotten by the rest of the country. You will find a summary of all our projects supporting Katumbi Village here.


Provision of water to Katumbi Primary School

As no running water is available throughout the village, pupils have to fetch water in buckets for the school every
day. More


School uniforms

School uniforms are compulsoary in Tanzania. We support those families who are unable to afford school uniforms for their children and therefore are denied the opportunity of an education. More


Katumbi Clinic

The current Katumbi clinic is not fit for purpose to support the nearly 4000 inhabitants of Katumbi village. More


School books

There is a constant need for school books for the 1200 children attending Katumbi Primary School. More


School furniture

The classrooms of Katumbi Primary School are not equipped with enough furniture to seat the children attending class. More