Pencils For Hope e.V.
A non profit organisation supporting children in Tanzania

Every child has the right to an education. Especially in Africa, going to school and completing a basic education still is out of reach for far too many children. The barriers to keep children out of school are formidable and numerous. Often, parents cannot afford the direct and indirect costs, such as school books and uniforms, of their children’s schooling. In many cases the parents themselves are illiterate. Qualified teachers are in short supply and many schools are located far away from children’s homes. Lack of access to safe water and separate latrines for boys and girls can also discourage children from attending school. We personally travelled to Tanzania several times and witnessed the urgent support needed. We believe that every child, no matter from which background, deserves a quality education and thus having the chance of a brighter future. Education is the key to it: children attending school have the opportunity to find jobs and live a self-determined life. They are able to create their own opinion and know how to stay healthy. Our aim is to enable as many children as possible in Tanzania to attend school. With this goal in mind we run several projects, with the reward of seeing these children filled with hope and a new joy of living.

Your Donations – Our Responsibility

Pencils For Hope e.V. is a registered charity and acknowledged as such by the German Revenue Office in Stuttgart since its foundation in 2015. All donations are invested into our projects in accordance with your intentions and we ensure your money is spent in the most responsible manner. Pencils For Hope e.V. is administered by a committee of selected trustees. We all work on a voluntary basis and are fully engaged in the cause. Administrative costs as well as marketing expenses are covered by our own membership fees.

It is our great passion to ensure projects are implemented reasonably and sensibly, to ensure and achieve a longevity of improvements in the areas we wish to make a difference. Thus far, our main cause has been to support a village in one of the remotest areas of Tanzania. We are very grateful to our supporters who helped us raise ongoing donations to really impact with positive change in the community. The sustainability of our change is vital for all of our projects. It is for this reason we appoint people and businesses from the local village to deliver the required works. This included as example the building of the school’s furniture or the production of school uniforms, to name just a few. Your donations therefore achieve a doubled success: together we not only improved conditions for the pupils, but also raised income potential for their families in a village with limited employment opportunities.

Since November 2017 Barbara and Fabio are living in Tanzania. They are managing a Nomad Tanzania’s Safari Lodge in the Mahale Mountains National Park only about 30 km away from the village, ensuring the professional and lasting implementation of all our projects. We receive regular reports on progress and review budgets and expenditure reports to assure ourselves that all moneys are diligently accounted for. Logistics are a challenge in these remote areas and we receive valid support from our partner Nomad Trust. All donations are invested 100% in our projects and go directly where where it is most needed

Our aim is to build on our success of our first projects and support further schools in Tanzania into the future. If you like our way of making a real difference with these projects, why not join in and support our efforts!